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Pre operation of electric cutting machine

Source:ZHEJIANG SHIJING TOOLS CO.,LTD.Publication time:2018-07-27

Pre use preparation

1. the work site should be cleaned.

2. maintain a moderate environment, do not use in flammable and explosive places, and maintain brightness at work.

3. children should not be allowed to touch the machine. When they are idle, they should be placed in places where children can not reach them.

4. no external pressure can be used to deform the machine.

5. cutting tools should not be placed on the work surface to prevent the tools from touching the rotating blades.

6. the work clothes should not be too loose, long hair shrouded in the work cap, and the sole should be skid resistant.

7. it is best to bring dustproof glasses to prevent accidents.

8. disqualified wires should not be used, and no wires should be pulled.

9. keep your feet steady and keep your body in balance.

10. sharp cutting tools can give full play to the performance of the machine, so the tools must be properly maintained.

11. do not use it for a long time.

12. the cable should be regularly checked to prevent injury from being replaced in time.

13. handle keep dry, do not stain with oil.