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Shijing Tools teaches you how to use the electric cutting machine correctly!

Source:ZHEJIANG SHIJING TOOLS CO.,LTD.Publication time:2018-07-27

1. disconnect the power supply at any time during repair and maintenance.

The cutting tool used in 2. ceramic cutting machine is the diamond saw blade, which can not cut metal material, and can not cut the curve freely.

3. when changing the new blade, check whether the blade has cracks, notches and bending.

4. the blunt saw blade will cause the motor to not work properly. New blades should be replaced on time, or cutting tools with firebricks.

The motor of 5. cutting machine is S6 working system. When the motor is automatically stopped in use, it is the automatic protection of the motor. Please stop for more than ten minutes and open the switch, and the motor can work again.

6. Pay attention to the grounding of power supply, children can not turn on operation.

7. Check the looseness of the machine cover regularly.

8. replacing the saw blade regularly, the blunt saw will damage the motor and affect the cutting quality and efficiency of the machine.

9. avoid wire and electrical components exposed to water or wet conditions for a long time. Keep all the parts dry and free from moisture.

10. after each use, the water in the basin should be released and the basin should be cleaned. As the water is carried out, all parts of the machine must be dried to prevent rust.

11. after each use, clean the water pump line and filter cotton with clean water to ensure smooth piping. If the pump does not work properly, please contact the supplier immediately. This type of machine is strictly prohibited from waterless cutting.

12. regularly check the fasteners of all parts of the machine to ensure that the fastening is in place.